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Why do the good die young? My explaination!

(Photo: Kevin Mack murdered Jan 11, 2003. Killed in a house fire intentionally set by his aunt.)

So why do the good die young?
This is a question you hear asked constantly. When a young person passes on I am pretty sure you hear this statement. Well if you did then you've also tried to answer why? In light of my new declaration to look at life as positive as possible, I have come to my conclusion to this mystery. The good die young because, they have earned the right to return home. Think about life at 90 or 100 years old, too old to enjoy anything, waiting for your call home. Real talk, the people who have earned their right to not suffer receive this golden pass. We look at death too much as a curse, when it is also a gift like life. It is an event no one will escape and Nobody really knows what happens next. Life after a long period of time is straining and your body begins to deteriorate. In early death you are going home with not the memories of a old or needy person but young…

Thugz Mansion, Black-Town, Negroville...................

So this morning I'm riding on my way downtown for work. But instead of riding the Dan Ryan I took Wentworth all the way down. Now I've taken buses through China-Town, walked to the Walgreens for change, I even worked right down the street, but never have I seen it how I saw it today. This specific group of people have a community they don't let outsiders control. Blacks in Chicago are quick to preach, "we have our own communities, we just don't take care of em". Real talk fuck ya'll this my blog. A community where not just the rich and wealthy co-exist but with everybody, rich, poor, middle class whatever. The only requirements for access everybody must meet is, black and civilized. I know it has become typical to say that we are the determining factor in our equality, but how can you catch up when no where in this race has the competition offered us to catch up or made any attempt to level playing field? Give me the whole Stretch on 95th and Call it Nig…

Focus: The Wackness

The Wackness is plain and simple a crazy movie. But the way it is expressed through rap from 1994 is the reason it is so good. If you haven't heard about it it is available @ your nearest Redbox. I know the Bootleg man ain't got it cause it so different. If you like good cinema check it out! It's worth your time! The dude who plays Dr. Squires said the realest shit I heard in a Movie "Never trust anybody who doesn't doesn't Smoke green or like dogs".