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Do me a Favor? Plz Stay off the Next Teams D*ck!

Bandwagon jumping, dick riding is the same sport, but different terminology. For instance you vouched for your mans and there is soon to be a fisticuffs to ensue, and just because your mans lost you give props to the winner, pimp off with him, and talk shit about the dude you just vouched for. Post-Jordan era in Chicago has made so many fans turn their backs on Bulls Basketball, a lot of people stop watching and going to the games. I remember watching Bulls games and they would zoom out to show the crowd, and it would barely be people @ the games. But now, everybody is riding for the Bulls, Real talk I haven't seen this many Bulls fans since...... June 1998. Winning is a funny thing, you soon will have a lot more friends and admirers. I must keep it 100, Niggaz are dick riding. ESPN played more Ben Gordon clips last night than they have his entire career. I'm hearing people ask "When did Gordon become a monster like that?" Check his resume', and stop calling you…

Who Murked IT? Az' So SIncere Beat

How many times have you listened to a song and heard the beat somewhere else? When you found out who's song it was, did u compare the difference? You Probably didn't. I present to you Who Murked it? I will give you a number of different songs, but with the same beat, you be the judge as to which one is best.

Ransom - 60 Bars of Pain (The unknown of the trio, makes it hard to believe he could outshine the others. Ransom gives a vivid description into his everyday, and to nobody surprises it mirrors a lot of young black males existence.) Personally He Murked it!

60 Bars of Pain - Ransom

AZ - So Sincere (AZ delivers that smooth flow after proclaiming in the intro, "I'm about to get into some Norman Bates shit, and Go Psycho." While to me he does not make good on that promise, he stills come through with the heat.)

So Sincere - AZ

Lloyd Banks - Truth Hurts (Bank$ comes hard with the punchlines and braggadocios lyrics. Personally I just heard a diss record disguised. 100,…

Brand New T.O. The President - Real Nigga (video)

Chicago's hottest unsigned act is back @ it, and just in time with his new single "Real Nigga". T.O. has been featured on O4R before, but for those who don't know about him, ask around, DO SOMETHING!

T.O. The President - Real Nigga

Also: As an added bonus, Exclusive So Hood Ent. music! Rob G. Featuring Lips "I'm what the hood made me".

What the Hood made me - Rob G Featuring Lips

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Focus: Scandalous Hoes

Let this be a lesson to those who got caught, You trying to pay for some pussy that already been bought! - Mike Jones Scandalous Hoes pt. 1

O4R can't just overlook something so real. Mike Jones returns with Scandalous Hoes 2 featuring T-Pain. Not as hard as the first, but a resonating message that all sucker ass niggaz should take heed to. In honor Of Scandalous Hoes 2, We @ O4r Have compiled a list of our favorite Scandalous Women anthems.

5. Lil Wayne - Biznite

Biznite - Lil Wayne

4. Lloyd Banks - Black Superman (Heat)

Black Superman ft Yayo & HotRod - Lloyd Banks3

3. Bump J - That Ain't Yo Bitch (Hood Classic)

That Aint Yo Bitch(Prod. By Vanysh) - Bump J

2. Juvenile - For Everybody (Greatness)

For Everybody - Juvenile

1. Geto Boyz - This d*ck is for you Classic

07 Track 7.wma -

O4R Does not condone any degradation of women. But we do support any movement against BITCHES! No Offense

Added Bonus: Mike Jones Scandalous Hoes Part 1