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R.I.P. Chasity Turner

Reading an article online @ made my day seriously sad. I won't repeat the same "Tired" phrases, but instead just say "Damn"! Have we as a people lost all feelings period? This little girl was someone's daughter and Grandchild. The shooter is someone's child, with no value to life. There is no restart or rewind in life just regrets. Put the Guns down. Nothing is more important to the Growth of our Communities, than to end the violence and terror enforced by someone else's child.

R.I.P. Chasity Turner

Kelly Rowland -"Stole"

Negro Please!

Listening to the Radio on my way to work and I heard a report about Obama and Iran. He said it was "appualing" to see the footage of a young Iranian woman gunned down during a protest. He never said he would get involved just that some steps needed to be taken.

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Negro Please! I got a scenario you could involve yourself in. Murder in the Country in which you are Commander and Chief, not to far from home in Chicago. A real live 24-7 war, in which somebody loses a counter-part every evening. You can speak up on that. But that is of little concern. Nobody of importance is dying, we aren't fighting over anything. Negro Please!

R.I.P. Charles McClinton Another inncoent victim. I guess this isn't really happening.

Reality Check: Some Shit Gotta Change!

I recently joined a group on facebook it asked to join the cause to stop school shootings. I joined because I'm all for safe and better schools for our children. Then my mind began wondering, there is not a school shooting everyday, may I dare say there isn't a shooting every week. There shouldn't be any ever but there are, albeit few and far between. But I know for a fact there are shootings every night in my city. I hear gun shots every night and just because it hasn't made the news or even the Breaking News alerts doesn't mean it didn't happen. I saw a video recently of an "attack" of a young woman in a the suburbs who was beaten over a car or boy or some shit. Not to take away from the severity of this situation, but what I saw was bad but not brutal. I've seen boys continously attack even after the victim of the beating could be deemed Knocked out. The violence occuring on these streets should deem this City "third-World' like.

We c…

Dedication to The Real.....

My experience in life has led me to believe that, we all know somebody incarcerated. Where I'm from it's really no big deal. Recently, I had a friend come home from his stretch and two others begin one. At first, truthfully I didn't really want the bother of dealing with my jailed friends. It seemed as if they would only make return trips to and from the penitentiary, and that the time they spend free is like avoiding the inevitable.

My two recently jailed homies were both living day to day with warrants out for their arrests. They both commit (In the eyes of the laws) crimes everyday. Not violent or even a nuisance, just crime. But in their recent absence from my everyday (Sometimes i'm pissed I see these two so much) I recently realized you are not able to pick your friends, like you can't pick parents or your own middle name. Real Friends can't be bought, they can be fought, annoying, selfish, or even borderline retarded. I was o my way downtown for work ear…

Reality Check!

Emancipate yourself from Mental Slavery! -Bob Marley "Redemption"/ Marcus Garvey

In these tough and turbulent times, now more than ever should people break away from a mental slavery style approach. We need strong and independent thinkers, to break the monotony of thinking. I really believe if we were all down with adopting this way of living the world would be far less violent, Way more creative and better and more wholesome people. Just my thoughts, because shit it's my site. Let's stop thinking with uniformity.

The Way I see it.....Volume 2

Summer is here people. Can we all agree that Guns, Liquor and short tempers don't mix, so could we please work as a whole to prevent all these senseless murders this summer? Many People believe more police involvement will stop or at least curve the violence. Real Talk we need to stand up and defend ourselves, stop having a tolerance level for uncouthness. To help stop the violence against children, the Chicago Park Districts should allow every child who is interested free day camp. The city should mandate your child attends camp and secure the parks like they man some of these hoods. Seriously in the summer Chicago is a beautiful city, but GOTDAMN IT'S Dangerous.

For those who don't know who this man is his name is Alderman Ike Carouthers. He was recently indicted on charges of corruption, and receiving free food, work on his home, tickets to the Sox game (super waste of cash). But Carouthers could not take HIS indictment for HIS wrongdoing. Instead of fighting his case an…