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Salute 2 The Real: KidultHood

I'm banking on you never hearing anything regarding this movie, so I can actually tell you I put you on something. It's been a while. Still and still the question remains the same, Have I ever steered you wrong? (I'm also banking that you actually don't know me personally.) Anyhow, This film Kidulthood, is a movie that I believe every American should watch. The fact that these kids engage in all the activities (legal and illegal) that most of us as teens engage in I find very intriguing. The movie is based in the U.K. and though you may have to watch it twice to understand their English, You will definitely enjoy and LEARN something new. It is an urban look into the lives of a group of teens, and how tradgedy, sex, drugs and influence shapes and molds their lives. No Idea is Original plain and simple. NOthing is new in this world. But to see this film it really opened my mind to believe that no matter where you are from, color or sex. Our problems are generally the s…