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NBA Opens up Tonight!

If you are just a casual follower of the NBA you have to be amped up for the impending season. So many teams, with so many good players (It's going to be a great winter).

Real is no way synonymous with Ignorance. Part 1

The term "Real" is sometimes used out of context. I do it, I see others who misuse the phrase and still nobody actually corrects them, Being "Real" has nothing to do with color, financial situation, Sexual orientation, or even where you live. To be real all you must do is stay true to self.

Real is not synonymous with ignorance

Just Getting this out the way....

Real Talk: I like Blaxploitation movies....

T.O. Da Prezident - "I Got It" Video ( Exclusive)

I bring to you, a no budget masterpiece. T.O. Da Prezident clicked up with Mr.Only4TheReal to Collaborate on this video and bring you a hood classic. Hopefully this isn't the last video you see these two work on, Good not great, but a very effective and we'll put together piece. Enjoy everybody and stay tuned for Exclusive T.O. The Prezident material ONLY HERE @