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Something To Think About

Will The World End?

Seems as though time is speeding up, as if months fly by like days, and days like hours. Every time the news is on death and hardship flood the headlines. In this day and age life seems to be harder, as if there can be no end to the fear that plagues our lives as a nation. Not to mention the fact that our earth is changing with storms becoming more violent, along with floods and shattering earthquakes. And to top it off endless exposure to all this talk about an ancient Mayan calendar, the Chinese I-Ch’ing, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and prophecy speakers, all indicating a possible doomsday set for Dec. 21,2012. At first glance it would seem like nothing could be more important in life, but there is. Something that has been put off for years, maybe even lifetimes. Could it be that mankind lost the ability to think positive. That we as a human race lost touch with our true selves, and gave all of our being to the ego; ultimately living unbalanced lives slowly leading to our own demise with no clue of where to turn to make things right again because this feeling of balance is unfamiliar. However, you will always have a skeptic that says “Nope this does not apply to me”, and nothing is wrong willingly accepting defeat against his own ego. As we approach this date Dec. 21,2012  do you feel comfortable with who you are as a person? Even if this is just another scare like the “Y2K bug” that never came to manifestation. Are you happy with the way that human beings treat each other lacking more and more traits of loyalty, happiness, kindness, and optimism. While the devil prays upon us like we are helpless sheep awaiting to be devoured by a pack of wolves. A solution is what we all crave to know, what’s the next move? How about we start with ourselves. Live life to the fullest, don’t be afraid to express all forms of creativity. Free your mind, think outside the box, away form the media, negativity, Illuminati (lol) etc, In which all want our minds to be in a box never to think of different things that could possibly put them out of business and set us free. Our nation knows more about the moon, and celebrity lives then they know about species in the deepest ocean or seas; not to mention that humans only use about 10% of their own brains potential. There is a saying  that says “knowledge will set you free” the less you know the vulnerable you become. All I’m saying is be everything you can be, and you will soon see that the matters of others are less important, and by just being yourself to your greatest potential will inspire others around you to do the same. That somehow life becomes new everyday because your creativity is flowing with unlimited potential to manifest abundance in every aspect of your very being. Ultimately changing ones self completely. Now I’m not going to say it will be easy, and that you wont stumble along the way, all I’m saying is when and if you do, you will know how to get back up; however the choice is yours. As for Dec. 21,2012 let this date be a reminder to you that life can be as limitless as the very outskirts of the universe. The moral to the story is “LIVE” and you will never die.

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