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Today 10-27-14 according to @Bundy_O4TR

New here to, Bundy is trying something different. It's a daily review of, well, everything that seems interesting, TO BUNDY! Check it out, you might learn you something...

Most interesting thing today

(Picture via

Thank you Jesus for opening the waiting list for the CHA voucher program. (If you couldn't tell Bundy was being sarcastic, you don't know Bundy.) Not knocking anybody aspiring to get their voucher do your thingy thing, Kermit & Cup of tea, it's none of my business, but why does the entire world have to know that you take pride in receiving government assistance? Again, I'm all for ignorance on the internet (See @Only4TheReal on Instagram). But done tastefully, jokingly. Come on now, how can you suggest people actually FOLLOW your LEAD and sign up for a voucher? Again if you need the help this is no condemnation on you, but rather interesting that some would spread such advice while promoting having others sign up for other tax paying citizens to pay for your living. Share your resume building tips, screen cap a list of people hiring in your area. Break the cycle of the government crutch.

Song of the day

Duce4 dropped this in the O4TR email, Bundy gon post it later on (once he find out who and where dude from). But enjoy it. Its a different take on the same shit.

Pissed Bundy off the most 

Somebody tried Bundy via Facebook. Tagged this visual and truthfully Bundy had no comeback. Fuck dude.

Funniest Shit today

Bundy homey Bandz was getting his overweight lover photoshoot on earlier & Bundy couldn't help but give him a hard time. L's took part in it as well.

Word to the wise

Happiness is an inside job. Don't assign anyone else that much power over your life.

Until we meet again (tomorrow), 



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