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Today 11/10/14 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Interesting Thing

Waited all weekend to tell the world about this. Mr. Gifted Hands aka Ben Carson is trying to gain the Republican nomination for the Presidency in 2016. Bundy has no political allegiance, he votes whichever way makes sense to him. But he does find it very interesting that the man that wrote one  of the first books Bundy ever read (back in 2nd grade) is running for President. Salute Obama first Black President (per say) but first all 100% black man, Democrat or Republican, HUGE!

Song of the day

This shit been stuck in Bundy head for the past two days. Real life shit though, can't worry about where she been if you accept her now. Reality bites, such is life.

Pissed Bundy off the most

Damn Pinky!1 The first light skin female Bundy ever had real affection for, just fell all the way off (Allegedly). Shiiit fuck what ya'll talking about Bundy will still allow Pinky in the crib & he will still drill!!

Funniest Shit today

Kim Jong Un, Barak Obama & Vladimir Putin, Jitterbug kicking it! 

One More

Damn! Don't Lack!

Word to the Wise

Match the negativity, with twice as much positivity.

Until we meet again (Tomorrow)



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