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Today 11/13/14 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Interesting Thing

You may not hear (or read) Bundy say (or print) these words often, Shoutout to Obama. While he is not solely responsible for the National Park coming to the Pullman neighborhood, he is pushing hard to make it happen. detailed the plan to build a national park in Pullman, that would surely stimulate the interest and economy of one America's pioneering industrial towns. Pullman has a long rich history. It is great to see an effort to keep it intact.

Link Here

Song of the day

This song takes Bundy back to the beginning of #O4TR And how far we are going. Plus GoD Jewels went nuts 

'I Am Kobe after thirty on the bench ball boy, put a towel on me'

Made Bundy's Day

Bundy was at work, minding his business. When his sister calls him and asks him to pick his Neice up from school because she was sick. A short while later Bundy was at the school being greeted by multiple school personnel that wanted to chew Bundy. They spoke as if they knew him forever. All off the strength of his Young Fat head Niece. Bundy didn't leave with no new h*es, but rather a seed planted. He will return, he will return.

Funniest Shit today

This is the Game ladies and gentleman. Most call it life.

Word to the Wise

Keep it 90%. Give yourself some wiggle room.

Until we meet again (Tomorrow)



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