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Today 12/3/14 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Interesting Thing

Eric Garner murdered for selling loose cigarettes. Doesn't that sound insane? You should have heard this name long before you stumbled upon Bundy's daily review of events, but in case you haven't e has you covered. The Justice Department is supposed to get involved in the investigation, so hopefully there is some justice for this black man. But as a people, it's time for the most righteous of us to stand up and fight the hate America has for the Black Man. How much longer will be oppressed?

Song of the day

It's a secret society, all we ask is trust. No G Money shit all we got is us!

Pissed Bundy Off 

Everybody knows the risk you take meeting up with people you meet off the internet. And even though Bundy doesn't participate in that realm, he understands the thinking. This lady here does engage in the E-dating aka fucking off the internet scene. She just not trying to have sex. She reportedly robbed a man and his Mom of thousands of dollars at gun point after linking up off a social network. Getting stained part of the game, but staining my Mama?!?! Shit pissed Bundy all the way off

Funniest Shit Today

If you don't love this, your hating. Hilarious!

Word to the Wise

The ones you feed, the ones turn they back on you.

Until we meet again (Tomorrow) 



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