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Today 1/14/15 According to @Bundy_o4tr

Most Interesting Story

Man this dude having the worst life ever.  Fan Lung lost his dick. Twice . In one day!!!! Lung go caught cheating, sending 'cock shots' to his mistress on his Wife's phone. Dumb ass didn't delete the history and his wife cut his move off with some scissiors. He was rushed to the hospital and the move reattached. But his horror show was in no way near complete. His wife snuck into the room Lung was rehabbing in and removed the move again. This time disposing of it out the window. Lung went after his wife and attacked her outside the hospital where this pic was taken. 

Song of the Day

The homey P1 slid his latest joint 'Letter to Myself' thru and Bundy been rocking with it but now its your turn. 

Funniest Shit Today
What could possibly be funnier than losing your move twice in one day! Tragic? Yes. Funny? Hell yeah! 

Word to the Wise

You cannot admire the butterfly without acknowledging the caterpillar

Until we meet again (Tomorrow)


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