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Word of The Day by @Only4TheReal 1/13/16


  1. limited or restricted. 
  2. unable to leave place because of illness, imprisonment, etc. 
  3. being in childbirth; being in parturition
verb (used with object), con·fined, con·fin·ing.
  1. to enclose within bounds; limit or restrict: She confined her remarks to errors in the report. Confine your efforts to finishing the book.
  2. to shut or keep in; prevent from leaving a place because of imprisonment, illness, discipline, etc.: For that offense he was confined to quarters for 30 days.
  1. Usually, confines. a boundary or bound; limit; border; frontier. 
  2. Often, confines. region; territory. 
  3. Archaic. confinement.
  4. Obsolete. a place of confinement; prison


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