Feb 1, 2016

@Jay_O4TR Quote of The Day 2/1/16 #BlackHistoryMonth

Today is officially the first day of BLACK HISTORY MONTH yes it's the shortest month of the year but it's the most powerful month of the year. Growing up we saw this month as 28 days of researching and learning about our heritage. Now we look up and it's 2016 and we have certain people of color (Stacy Dash and others) suggesting that we shouldn't celebrate this month at all which is completely ludicrous. I believe we as African Americans shouldn't limit ourselves to just a month and it's should be our personal objective to teach our history to our children and in return maybe the generations to come allow the knowledge to trickle down and we can actually stand strong together and as ONE instead of trying to out do one another. 

Once you learn to love all then peace becomes second nature.