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Word of The Day by @Only4TheReal 4/18/16


We may not be directly affected by the choices we make on a daily basis but bad decisions are just like karma it's surely going to come back around so think before you choose to do something that might affect a friend a family member or yourself. 

— noun 
  1. an act or instance of choosing;  selection: Her choice of computer was made after months of research. His parents were not happy with his choice of friends. 
  2. the right, power, or opportunity to choose;  option: The child had no choice about going to school. 
  3. the person or thing chosen or eligible to be chosenThis book is my choice. He is one of many choices for the award. 
  4. an alternative: There is another choice. 
  5. an abundance or variety from which to choosewide choice of candidates. 
  6. something that is preferred or preferable to others; the best part of something: Mare's Nest is the choice in the sixth race. 
  7. carefully selected supply: This restaurant has fine choice of wines. 
  8. choice grade of beef. 
— adjective, choic·er, choic·est. 
  1. worthy of being chosen;  excellent; superior. 
  2. carefully selected: choice words. 
  3. (in the grading of beef in the U.S.) rated between prime and good

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