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Today 6/22/16 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Interesting Thing

There is just no way on earth you haven't heard, seen, read about how great game 7 of the NBA Finals was. Lebron James delivered arguably the greatest Game 7 performance ever. Kyrie reminded the world that even Step Curry is human (puttin his ass in the mix all them times) and Kevin Love showed the world what a 100 million dollar 3rd option can do. All in all it was great game and series and Lebron James took to Instagram to shed light on all the shade he's been hearing. While rocking a Kermit sipping on tea cap, Lebron kept it too real. 

Song Of The Day

Possibly Bundo's favorite non Tree produced track in MCTreeg's catalog. Tree a rare breed you need to appreciate. LISTEN! 


Most Important Thing

You looking for a platform to showcase your greatness? Get in tune with +Everyday Jay and his new site and movement iLLSounds,net. Bro branching out to do bigger things and Bundoza wanna see him shine like the sun on Mississippi. Gon head over there and get in tune


Pissed Bundo off

While trying to change his Twitter name to something cooler Bundo encountered a fuck boy who had Bundo's name already taken. Sorry to all this Hispanics, he is not the real Bundoza!!

Word to the Wise

You a star, but you inconsistent                                         -A Wise man

Until tomorrow kids

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