Jan 16, 2017

01/16/17 Today According to @Jay_O4TR

Wisdom of The Day 

Malcolm X 

I knew that ghetto people knew that I never left the ghetto in spirit, and I never left it physically any more than I had to. I had a ghetto instinct; for instance, I could feel if tension was beyond normal in a ghetto audience. And I could speak and understand the ghetto's language. 

Picture of The Day 

Shoutout my lil cousin Andre they did their thang in 2015 and won the Mum Bowl

Song of The Day 

Nipsey Hussle dropped a lot of jewels while only spitting one verse so check out the song of the day "Picture Me Rollin" featuring OverDoz

Quote of The Day 

Albee Al 

Me & my sister beef cause ion like her choice of men then she said it's funny 
cause ion like ya choice of friends"