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Today 01/04/16 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Important Thing

Man man man Denzel Washington and Viola Davis did a magnificent job in the movie 'Fences'. For the simple minded who think its not their cup of tea, well your wrong. My nigga this joint got struggle, baby mama drama, drills and most importantly forgiveness. If you have a few buck go check it out today, this shit is harder than a bench press!

Song of the Day

This nigga Veto Vangundy got the hardest joint thus far in 2k17. This nigga went STOOPID!

Funniest Shit Today 

Ladies if you like the situation your in, with the man your in these situations in, don't you ever turn yo camera on a nigga. Valuable lesson Ladies!

Damn! Moment of the Day

Man Stunt Taylor got caught finessin shit! Chicago niggaz gotta do better this 365. They made bro seem hella petty for the stain tho! Free Stunt Taylor doe

Quote of the Day

You gotta take the crooked with the straights 
-Troy in Fences

Until we link again tomorrow, (Check Today according to @Jay_O4TR)



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