Jan 4, 2017

Today 01/04/17 According to @Jay_O4TR

Wisdom of The Day 

As children we were all raised based off our parents beliefs here are a couple of examples (Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, Religion etc). As we grew older and witnessed our parents struggle to provide the gifts we thought santa provided or had kids of our own and actually put that couple dollars under their pillows just so they would believe in these fictional character. Have we ever ask our parents why or simply ask ourselves why are we choosing to lie to our kids? Are we in return showing them thats it's ok to lie for momentary happiness? I guess what I'm getting at is are we teaching our kids to accept whatever their told instead of teaching them to find the answers.

Picture of The Day 

Song of The Day 

Tee Swain "Brown Sugar" 
Swain dropped a lot of jewels on this joint you might have to listen a couple times 
to appreciate the bars 

Quote of The Day 

The Legendary Fya Man

"Don't film yo self doing a crime"

Always stay real stay true and avoid the fake at all cost. I'll link with y'all 2ma