Jan 6, 2017

Today 01/06/17 According to @Jay_O4TR

Wisdom of The Day 

When I was 16 years old my favorite movie was "Save The Last Dance" which I literally just watched like 10 mins ago. As I had a brief flashback I asked myself why the fuck did I love this movie so much? Am I soft as hell? I just saw a white girl thrown into the hood that happened to be feeling this smart black guy trying to better himself. Which caused me to ask myself why do we hate each other or better yet why hate someone you don't even know simply because of their race, background or affiliation. The answer to that is simple, hate within which continues to divide our city and country shit it's how most of us was raised up so grow the fuck up..........

Picture of The Day 

Photo Cred @Jay_O4TR my son in his nappy head glory 

Song of The Day 

Flex "Really real" this song is a year 
old but it's really fucking real

Quote of The Day 

Tee Swain 

"Everybody gotta die I'm just searching for more to kill foe, lovers die trying 
for people you gotta live foe"

Just remember fake love is just that fake love. Stay up until we link again and don't forget to share my shit or my homie gone fuck yo b**** and for the ladies my home girl will fuck yo n****.