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Today 1/24/17 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Important Thing

Rest in Power Q the founder of WorldStarHipHop. No matter your opinion of what WSHH you have to salute big homeys grind and vision. Inspiration to all trying to get it out the mud.

Song of the Day

Been a year today since Bundo lost a close friend and supporter. O truly supported & believed in everything we are trying to do, accompany me to countless interviews and videos (cameo in King Deon - Street Nigga). Bundo is writing this with tears in his eyes, bro ain't get to see the Cubs win, the hood all fucked up. we missin u bro!

Funniest Shit Today

Some peoples thirst level is wild!

Made Bundo's Day

Damn I love my niggaz! All you mfs!

Word to the wise

Until we link again, enjoy all things #O4TR


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