Jan 5, 2017

Today According to @Jay_O4TR 01/05/17

WIsdom of The Day 

Thoughts and ideas flow thru us daily but just having a great idea isn't enough. We have to start putting action behind our words I'm sure we've all heard the saying nothing worth having comes easy, shit you gotta work for it. So here's a bit of advice from me to you. Read articles that are simliar to your dreams and goals, talk to random people you never know who can help you reach higher and finally have a little more faith in yourself.

Picture of The Day 

Photo Cred @Jay_O4TR Live from The WIC

Song Of The Day 

G Herbo "Don't Forget It"

If you've ever witnessed the struggle of not having or just growing up in 
the hood this is for you.

Quote of The Day 


"Kids need food, niggas need guidance and bitches need rules" 

Until we meet again and remember suckas do sucka shit so brush that shit off.