Jan 17, 2017

Today According to @Jay_O4TR 01/17/17

Wisdom of The Day 

The word friend is something we use loosely. Growing up our parents always told us that's not your friend and most of the time they were right, its rare to have 10 year+ friends better yet a friend thats always in your corner right or wrong. If you have someone that you consider a real friend you should never have to question where you stand with that person, so if you ever hit rock bottom or your just in a bad place just look around and see who's truly holding you down!

Picture of The Day 

This picture so 1 Hunnit

Song of The Day 

Albee Al "When It Hurts" is something both male and female can relate too just press play and vibe out to it oh yeah and thank me later.

Quote of The Day 

Lil Durk 

"You can't be not taking care of yo kids but taking care of yo niggas it's not 50/50 it's either your real or your fake"

Most want understand and thats ok, I'll be back at cha 2ma