Jan 30, 2017

Today According to @Jay_O4TR 01/30/17

Wisdom of The Day 

As I continue to grow older with yet another birthday under my belt I beginning to realize I'm a very unique person and I'm not for everyone, it really takes a special type of person to appreciate me whether it's a friend or a woman that see a future with me. In my many years on this planet I've lost both women and friend's and simply chalked that up to out growing people so as I look back on past friendships and relationships I have to commend myself for simply staying true to me and what makes me happy. If someone loves you they want try to change the person you are unless it's for the good. So be you and if someone doesn't fuck with THE REAL you middle finger to em.

Picture of The Day 

Photo Cred @Jay_O4TR taken in downtown Chicago awesome ass view 

Song of The Day 

Nelly "Luven Me" it's crazy because most people haven't heard this song. So if you weren't a big Nelly fan allow me to introduce you to one of his most honest songs. 

Quote of The Day 

This just might be the realist shit you see all day 

Life is short so enjoy the moments and surround yourself with people that have faith in you until we link again stay sucker free in the land of lollipops