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Today 02/06/17 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Important Thing

Tom Brady is never to be bet against. Fuck your opinions on his politics, his record against your favorite team whatever! Respect on his name is a must! What happened last night at the Super Bowl he proved without shadow of a doubt to be the greatest Quarterback to ever throw a football! 

Song of The Day

Man, Siegel and Young Chris "Home of Philly"is one of those joints that defined my teenage years. Off that "We Are The Champions" RocaFella compilation plenty of mornings were spent holdig the Walkman steady trying to keep it from skipping (fuck being late). Truly a classic IMO

Funniest Shit Today

Do ladies ever take the time to tell a friend "Slow dat lil pussy down"? Funny but for
real doe?

Word to the Wise

In-correction ain't punishment dog. Don't be stupid!
-Beanie Sigel

Until we link again, enjoy all things Only4TheReal!

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