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Thought Of an OG -12/17/16 (@OG_O4TR)

          In the court of rachetness and educated mess; Lies the honorable and relentless Judge Khia Chamber and her bailiff Madison as they confront celebrities head on in this hilarious podcast about the truth.. These segments are set up with Madison as the bailiff & She reads off the docket of the day and judge Khia dishes out a fictitious sentence that is based off what she believes they owe to society.. but y'all, it's in the most humorful matter ever!!  The sentences are nothing short of epic as the case of Kerruche V.S the LGBT community was set to be heard. Karruche Known as CARrruche in the court of rachetness was sentenced to a year of only giving out female oral, no receiving because the LGBT communities doesn't approve of her inconsistency of sexual preferences. WOW!!! Now telllllll me this isn't the most funniest, obscene shit you heard all year.. But, people it doesn't end there;. DJ Khaled and his wife was sentence to 42 years in jail for child labor.. Oops, Ms. Judge No filter doesn't give a fuck as she criticize The Khaled's for  having their toddler on the cover of a magazine associated with exploiting bad images, having a birthday party in a strip club and even named him producer of a platinum album.. Now, I want to believe he wants the best for his son but......we all thought at least once.. WTF!!!! Lol, I'm telling you Judge Khia gets to the bottom of all exclusives and is not afraid to express every thought that run across that deviceful mind of hers.. If you Looking for a laugh, the court of rachetness got you covered.. Until Next Time 

Thoughts of an OG, Byrd

                               Deep Words From Momma Byrd

Happy Sunday to everyone EXCEPT...Kevin Hart!! While portraying his brand as a family man. He discarded his former wife for a lighter skinned (not so nice) woman whom he thought would appeal to his newfound success. He then goes on to diminish his first wife further every chance he gets, not concerned about how it affects her or their children.Then this clown goes even further by Cheating on his new wife while she is 9 months pregnant in a hotel all while brandishing his wedding ring. Then this shucking and jiving coon goes on further to say people are bitter and envious.of his success. Kevin Hart is a short insecure unfunny narcissistic Blouse. I'm gonna need Kevin hart to stop posting those phony ass Family pictures where his wife looks like she secured the jackpot and he's grinning like a sambo and Shut the fuck up ! because in the words of Khia You are TT.Tired and Through.

Thoughts of an OG, Momma Byrd


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