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Thoughts Of an OG- 12/27/2017 (@og_o4tr) Dear Young Black Men

     Dear Young Black Men: No matter how tough the battle is, never give up. Encourage yourself! Believe in yourself! and strive to be the best version of yourself!! My strong black men, I know it's hard when you have many odds stacked against you, but you can defeat any challenges that you may face. I'm rooting for success and happiness and I know you all will be great! I wish all my brothers greatness, but I want to focus in more on a few that I'm grateful to personally know. 


      My little cousin is a prime example of ball is life. One of the star players on North Lake College basket ball team in Texas. Tremont and his team worked really hard this year and won the NJCAA Men National Basketball Championship. Although we don't see each other often, I'm proud of him and I know his success doesn't end there!


 My Libra cousin. I love the ambition he has to succeed at anything he puts his mind to. He's unstoppable, intelligent and always make honor roll.. Played almost any sport you can name and he even played in a band.. I still want to know how he lost a whole trumpet doe lmao, Cousin you are amazing and I know you will succeed!


    Sorry for my language but that's my DAWG and he's the shit to me! My little cousin just recently fathered a handsome baby boy. My little, little cousin lol, by the name of Jace. No doubt that he will be a remarkable father. My joy for T.J is abundant, as he just received his Bachelors in Mass Communication. I missed him at his graduation party because my old ass arrived too early. But that doesn't take away how gratified I am to say that I'm his big cousin.. he did that shit while prevailing through challenges and keeping his phenomenal soul.. don't change baby cousin... I love you  


     He's going to kill me when he reads this. I never met anyone with so much aspiration, intellect and generosity all in one. Creative mind, is what I call it. Whenever he comes to a dead end, he creates his OWN path. Nothing is impossible to this man and He never ceases to amaze me. If it's something he doesn't know, just give him enough time and I bet you he'll master it. The faith I have for him overflows because he has came so far and have much more to accomplish. So don't you dare give up. Your number one fan.. I love you

Thought of an OG, BYRD


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