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Today 1.22.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Important Thing

Pay homage to the Legend Fredo Santana. No longer here with us but his influence will live forever. An inspiration for all young boys all around the city of Chicago and everywhere else where they only have a dream and ambition to make that happen. Rest peacefully King
Song of the Day 

Paying respect to Fredo Santana this was one of my favorite tracks by bro. Man Chicago 2010 -2014 was legendary man

Pissed Bundo Off

Chicago rappers are going to diss each other's dead associates, friends and loved ones. It's just become an accepted thing in the city no matter how ignorant or stupid it seems. But what have we become when we allow niggaz who ain't got nothing to do with shit to speak freely on situations they have no business speaking on. Tee Grizzley has taken it upon himself to diss on Lil Jojo and FBG Brick because he is associated with Durk? That's goof ball shit bro, somebody need to check bro because he real life tweaking. Get your own opps my boy

Funniest Shit Today

This is real life the face made every Tuesday after payday. Where the fuck my money go???

Word to The Wise 

Money Man kickin shit to the carnivores

Until we link again my friends



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