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Today 3.2.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Interesting Thing Today
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Fredo shouldn't be forgotten ever nor shoudl any element of his life, his death or his struggles. Kia Smith wrote a thought provoking piece on many of the things she believes were contributing factors in the demise of this polarizing figure. I encourage older people to read so they can get an understanding on just what goes through the mind of the younger generation and the youngsters should read so they can see errors in the ways we cope and getting in front of issues before it becomes too late. Good read

Song of the Day

Louie geearing up fro "March Madness 2" and he bought out the Bop King D.Low to complete this one entitled "Shorty"

Funniest Shit Today

PS3 I'm not playing! Go gentle on my lil man! 

Word to the Wise

Shed tears as we bury niggaz close to heart
Cold-hearted bout it, nigga got smoked by a fiend
Tryin' floss on him blind to a broken mans dream
a hard lesson

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