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Today 3.26.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Interesting Story
Image result for female climax

Bundo only know two ways to get a woman to climax. 1. Beating that thang up, 2. Eating that thang up. But suggest many Americans overlook the various ways women can bust one. For all those guys out there who aren't as blessed as the Bundo with his 3rd hand should take alook and find ways to become role players on successful teams. While this article is interesting, Bundo can guarantee if you relying on one of these ways to please your lady {SHE CHEATING ALREADY}

Song of the Day

Purging useless followers brought me to Smiddy. If you gotta link Bundo will listen and Smiddy made it worth while. Off his #VHSTape that dropped a year ago, you should check more of his shit out because he doing his thing!

Funniest Shit Today

What's understood ain't gotta be said, this shit hilarious!

Word to the Wise

I never let myself down, how come? I don't expect too much from me,
-Joe Budden
Until we link again (Tomorrow) listen to the #SupremeShow on #O4TRRadio


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