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Today 3.27.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Interesting Thing

All For The Culture put together an hour documentary about the Life and Death of LA Capone. For those not well versed in the history of Chicago drill scene, LA was gonna be big! Fall 2013 changed all that and the Chicago Music scene forever. You had to been there to know exactly the impact of this entire situation. All For the Culture did a great job of getting in depth with the story with all the people who actually mattered. 

Song of the Day

King Deon continues to find his way back with his latest joint with frequent collaborater Sleep G for "Me"/ Real life rap

Part Deux

That LA documentary had me needing to hear this! #LLLA 

Funniest Shit Today

My nigga Willie Neal said this Tee Grizzly but we know for sure this shit hilarious. Fat stupid ass

Word to the Wise

Gotta lay low, niggaz ain't really yo bro!
- LA Capone

Until we link again (tomorrow) Check out Only4TheReal Radio and keep them tacos ducked


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