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Today 3.29.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Interesting Thing

Keairra Freed is a source from inspiration that we can all draw from. After being shot in her face, paralysis, physical therapy and recovery she is fighting to beat the odds and return to a normal life. Queen you are amazing and no matter what somebody physically does to you, they can never take that beauty from you. Watch as you see she goes from vibrant to victim and then to warrior, put somebody else on it and try not to cry, this shit is bound to release some emotion.

Song of the Day

Joey been speaking to Bundo life and situation currently, epitome of mood muzik!

Funniest Thing Today
Dumbest shit ever meet funniest shit today

Word to the Wise

If you got something real, hold on to it.

Until we link again, listen to Only4TheReal Radio tonight 9:13pm right here and keep them tacos ducked


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