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Today 3.5.18 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Interesting Things
Bee drone

Maaaan who remembers the 90's children's movie "Richie Rich"? Whether or not you do, Richie's at home Chemistry teacher Professor KeenBean, showed him a prototype for a robotic bee. Bee's are super important to our existence and we are experiencing a shortage in bee population. Now back in 1994 that shit was so fucking cool and boom 2018 reality. This is life changing and cool!

More Important Shit

Early one Sunday morning, Bundo was on the Facebook. These bought back some epic memories! Bundo wanted to have all theses youth rollies and only got the orange one (because 1.99 back then was grip). Nostalgia feels so good!

Songs of the Day

Part Deux
Young Scooter latest album "Triple Cross" filled with nothing but hits. "Both Sides" features Thugger and Future shit smacking!

Tay600 and Rickee Arts t'd up this "Colors" remix

Funniest Shit Today

Like TLC said a long long time ago "Baby thats actual and factual".

Part Deux

Take me to the King, I don't have much to bring!

Word to the Wise

Police gotta job to do and I can't help them do it.
-Bundy L Johnson

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