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Today 5.29.18 According to Bundo

Most Interesting Thing

Damn Roseanne, you fucked the bag up with this one. After racist remarks about one of President Obama's top aides Valerie Jarrett on twitter, Roseanne quickly reached for the delete button, but oh the damage was done. Soon after Comedian Wanda Sykes had announced she wasn't returning to the show and the rest is all history. Scores of entertainers and others of influence spoke out about how disgusted they were by Roseanne's remarks and the inevitable happens, ABC cancelled her re-rocked show and she announced she's quitting twitter. All in all all, bad day for Women everywhere and another example of a bias that we completely ignore. Yes, Roseanne is white and Ms. Jarrett is black, Roseanne is also a comedian (not everyone's cup of tea) and therefore allowed to toe the line on funny and offensive. Granted that Roseanne maybe a racist too but so what! If she was on Fox News and Male and said these things, she'd be promoted. But since she is just a racist woman she can be sacrificed. Tim Allen's "Last Man Standing" is an ode to the modern day racist and it just got renewed on WGN. But since Tim is a White man in America s bias and clear racist way of thinking is passed off as clean American humor. Bundoza is no advocate for either bigot but if we're allowing bigotry let them hate equally... I guess. 

Song of the Day

Marley Rich slid but we ain't get to chop it up with my boy as good as I wanted. Until we do, get in tune with bro latest joint "Wanna Ask"

Funniest Shit Today

Shakey Baby a funny ass negro man. He joking but he speaking the truth.

Word to the Wise

Stop killing everybody damn! :

Until we link again tomorrow tune into Only4TheReal Radio and keep that taco wrapped tight


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