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Today 5.3.18 According to Bundy L. Johnson

Most Interesting Thing

Let this be a lesson to those who enjoy minding others business, no matter how profitable it maybe, no matter who you think you are helping. Unless yhey are actually causing harm to others you really just in the way. May ass beatings be handed down to every guy like this ass wipe!

Song of the Day

Tonight on Only4TheReal Radio we pay homage to one of the greatest record labels ever Cash Money Records. There is so many bangers and so little time that some of my personal favorites might not make the cut in favor of more popular songs. When Juvenile dropped Tha G Code this was my favorite track all Summer 2000. Niggaz better get it right and keep it right!

Funniest Shit Today

Stay outta them inboxes bruh or prepare for days and nights like this. Hilarious!

Word to the Wise

Fuck em! Fuck em right in the ear!
-Morris "Morrie" Kessler

Until we link again, show love but don't get played. Never let a nigga ride your wave!


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