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Today 6.13.18 According to Bundoza

Most Interesting Thing

Usually I reserve this section for things I feel the world is sleep on or just generally needs to know. To some who enjoy "Today According to Bundy" this is not need to know shit. But to all the poor Backwood rollers I come across this is an extremely useful video, the man rolled a flawless wood in less than 5 minutes! Amazing and also The #MostInterestingThing

Song of the Day

Smylez and Hittz fucked this beat up and lately Bundo been wanting to hear more and more from the deceased legend. Special episode of #O4TRRadio coming soon!

Funniest Thing Today

Now Bundoza doesn't find the entire 8+ minutes hilarious or nothing but the rather time Steve Harvey asked Kim Kardashian and Kanye separately "on a scale of 1 - 10 how secy are you compared to your co-workers?" Both West' answered "Ten" with no hesitation. Narcissism  or confidence at its finest, you be the judge. Making this the funniest sh*t today

Word to the Wise

Until we link again tune in tonight for an all new episode of #TheSession hosted by D.Will


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