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Today 7.6.18 According to Lloyd

Most Important Thing

On the Fourth of July instead of enjoying the day and the people I love, I was angry and destroying relationships that mean the world to me. Anybody who reads these According to Bundy postings knows I love Robyn Underwood better known as Bird Johnson. More than a companion she is my best friend in the world. When I'm down she lifts me up, when something good happens after my Granny she is the first person I think to call. Her sadness instantly becomes mine because I don't like to see her hurt. But Wednesday afternoon we had a disagreement, I said and did some shit to Robyn I never should have. I sit and think constantly did I lose my best fiend and love over anger? Then I asked why am I so angry? Why when I'm angry I go all out to destroy everything? Attempts to reach Bird have fallen flat as I'm sure she's reached her capacity of shit she'll put up with. I will in no way shape or form act as it's not my fault. I got more issues than I care to address and that has undoubtedly caused me to become an angry person. Bird Johnson probably won't read this but in the hopes it does find her eyes, I would love to tell her I love her so much. But I know we have to live with our mistakes and I regret ever turning my back on somebody who has always had mine. The most important thing i can pass along is don't try to hurt people, because in the end you always will hurt yourself. Most definitely don't hurt the people you love and who love you. I can only pray and ask God for forgiveness and hope that I haven't forced one of the best things to happen to me out of my life. 

Song of the Day

I love all my friends and wanna show major love to them (especially Bird Johnson). Song always makes me think about her... 

Funniest Shit Today

With all the fucked up shit Doza going through he still finds the time to giggle at this racist but hilarious meme. Hopefully it makes you cackle as did Bundo.

Word to the Wise

Every fight ain't worth fighting but fight the ones that are worth it.

Until we link again Stay real and check yourself when not doing so. Stay safe and show love


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