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Today 8.22.18 According to Bundy

Most Important Thing

Dame Dash has been an inspiration of Bundoza since he watched "BackStage" and Dame went in on Kevin Lyles and other Def Jam reps. He is a Black Man unafraid to speak his mind (good and bad) unfiltered but always real and putting his people in positions to get themselves a piece of the pie. My Stone homey sent me a interview last week of Dame dropping knowledge and that introduction into the shit he was kicking forced me to checkout other Dame interviews. This one features him interviewing with Forbes columnist Julian Mitchell to discuss "how to get paid being yourself". He even took questions from the crowd and that made it even more worthy of being deemed the most important thing today! 

Song of the Day

Bundoza suggest that everybody use Soundcloud. The algorithm they use will constantly put you on music that more than likely will enjoy.. No Cap! Letting SoundCloud just play the track I liked in the past, bought me back to my boy Jimbo Duh Kidd and his "Night After Night" freestyle. If you haven't (which you probably didn't) check bro out. He is working on his return. Get ready

Funniest Shit Today

Shoutout 40 for the putting Doza on this "Silk Daddy: videos. Granted Bundo has seen clips on FaceBook, but only until bro posted different clips did Doza go searching for exactly what the fuck was going on. This is a 30 minute video of various clips chopped up (some funnier than others) that will either make you a Silk Daddy fan or not. He is offensive but hilarious!

Word to the Wise

As difficult as this may seem, it is essential to your survival! 



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