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The #CashOverClout Podcast Episodes 1 & 2

DBK and Don of CashOverClout link up weekly to bring the world the CashOverClout Podcast. The duo brings three topics to discuss and also enjoy a guest or two on an occasion. As artist themselves DBK and Don's style differ and so does their opinions on music and as each are purveyors of #Sploosh their sense of fashion and culture mesh and clash right here weekly to bring the world "The #CashOverClout Podcast"

The inaugural episode on the podcast kicked off with Don, DBK and Bundoza discussing why it seems styles and culture are recycled down from generation to generation. We talked aout our definition of what the term "On" in the Chicago industry and beyond means and we finally wrapped it up with the flaws in 2pac which sparked an even more interesting conversation.

This week DBK and Don welcomed their first guest super producer Billionaire Boyscout. He talked about his own evolution and the  msuic games, clothing and why we pay for certain brands, politics and so much more. Best work yet


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