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Salute to the Real - Walking Canvas - (Haiti Relief Effort)

Walking Canvas is releasing an exclusive tee with 100% proceeds going towards the Haiti relief effort. Until now haven't seen any reason to say anything regarding Haiti. (You can get "Real" news from a much more reliable source, our thoughts and wishes are with the victims) Please if you are looking for a cause to Donate to, I would suggest you support these dudes. Check out their site 

A message from the "Walking Canvas Boyz"

We wanted to give you all a look at the tee that will be available for purchase very soon. If you haven’t heard by now, 100% of the proceeds from your purchase of this tee will go towards Haiti relief. The supply is limited, so if you were looking for a way to give to the cause, please don’t hesitate.

 If its your cup of tea. Go ahead cop one or ten. Support Something Real!