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Focus: 700 - We Write it, We Produce it, WE DO THIS!!!!! (Mixtape)

700 is a group out of St. Louis that is hard to find a comparison to. They're Southern sound will at first make you think it's party music, but it's far more lyrical. After listening to the entire mixtape twice, they have Supporters here @ Honestly these dudes never let up! On every track they delivered quality verses and overall an Outstanding mixtape. My dude Jesse James over @ sent the recommendation and instead of doing him a favor, he put a n*gga on! If your a beat lover download this mixtape! If you are tired of the Raw ass beat huff ass lyrics movement DOWNLOAD THIS TAPE
Here some spots you can hit 700 up @:
Never will I put you on without a PREVIEW!

Shout Jesse James over @! When you ready to drop a Mixtape fux with my dude! (But remember He gotta get paid before he play like Lebron James.)