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Don't Sleep!: Esohel's Industry Series Vol. 1

*ATTENTION* We @ do not give a F*CK how many sites you see Esohel's Industry series Vol. 1 posted at, We still are going to show this n*gga some love. Esohel is back with a follow up to the "Up Early - Slept on" mixtape & we don't even have to listen to it yet to recommend it, this is some shit you should have! Esohel is repping Chi-town to the fullest, and if you fux with you know WE FUX WITH ESOHEL! HARD! But besides that Esohel is somebody if you haven't checked out, you need to wake up! You get the Only4TheReal stamp of approval before even listening to it, you know he the truth.

As a gift he sent with his mixtape 

He recently went through a 7 day period of dropping nothing but BOMBS! We have a lil bit for you but check out the affiliate for the entire week of madness! 

Never forget to tell him whats good!



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