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P1's 2 Cent: Off Air Conversations

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So in the course of my travels and opportunities ive been a part of many radio/tv/print interviews. and its always fun. The on air interviews are usually pretty safe and to the point. But the CRAZIEST stuff comes in to play off the air. I admire the interviewers that take it to the edge and are risky with what they say. The homie Stretch1 is one of those people that holds no punches and will say what he feels. His respect is great with me because he helps put on the people in the city and has one of the most fun and successful college radio shows consistently. Always featuring local talent alongside industry HEAVYWEIGHTS and bringing controversial issues to light. He is, has been, and I am sure will continue to be an advocate for the artist that are striving and sometimes going against the "machine"

SO with that I salute you Stretch, and I encourage everyone to give him at least a chance and check out his show and blog that he maintains. The show is on Monday nights and the archives are all available on

Now on to the title of the blog...yes! The off-air conversations are always the most amazing and thought provoking, and thank goodness they don't air. Its where the "real" politics and dirty laundry get aired. When you learn who's the hook and who's the crook . All jocks have their favorite interviews and some of them will open up and tell you about the person that interviewed before you. Or mutual friends or associates and you all will swap opinions on them.

I implore all of you talents and folks that want to be in this industry, know that this is a RELATIONSHIP based business. It is NOT always about your talent. Good talent and terrible attitude will get you NOWHERE fast. Be humble, be professional, be courteous, be patient, in short be all the things that you would like others to be for you. By the same token all the bragging and flossing etc. do your research before you make certain claims. Always pay attention to the company you keep. And if people KEEP saying the same things about you good/bad pay attention. That may just be the impression that you are leaving everywhere you go.

Some of you guys are people i know personally that i get questions about or people tell me about and the reports are not good...So im just saying those off air conversations really impact your career, and if you take it seriously, ultimately your LIFE. Be who you are. Nothing more and definitely nothing less. So shoutout to all my dope artist that have REAL respect. And gut check to all you cats that THINK you do.

What will they say about you in the Off Air Conversations???

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