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Only4TheReal 2010 Review Part 1

BET does it. MTV too. So it's only right, Only4TheReal gives you "How We see it". Today's installment are LB's picks of the best (Chicago) artist song submitted to O4R. Yes this is biased, but it's REAL. These are the best songs (IMO) submitted to the site. Check it out! (Every song here was submitted after January 1st, 2010, this is not a list. Just a SALUTE!)

Check it out!: LENO XTR -"HEAVY METAL" DIR. 1985

(Shoutout WBC for the put on!) Leno returns to with his new single produced by Ill Brown entitled "HeavyMetal". Not only do I have the track for you, I got a video for you. Pay attention now, so you can't say I ain't put ya'll on Leno!

Jeanyus - Advantage Jeanyus Freestyle

King Jeanyus doing his usual business, shitting on tracks. This time he chose the "Advantage Carter" beat to rip apart. Usual shit from Jeanyus. Check it out! 

#Only4TheReal Corey Cause - Pressure Cause

Cause a fool for this one. Borrowing the beat from the HP commercial Cause showed his ass on this one, even had a shoutout for the realist sh*t on the internet. Don't believe me? Check it out

Salute to The Real Series - Buck 20 Brick Boyz

After first hearing Buck 20, you will instantly have some type of feeling about them & their music. Whether good or bad, you've already judged them too early. F.Dot, Choppa and Billionaire Black are unique and real in every sense of those words. If you like or consider yourself a fan of the Buck 20 Brick Boyz, Pay Attention!  (Video and more pics soon! Courtesy of D. Gainz & WormTV (Word On Real Music)

Powerful Music!: EDF - Screw History

EDF returns to Only4TheReal POWERFULLY! The Texas native dropped his ode to "Screw" music that can only be described as flawless. Produced by Tae Beast ya'll need to give this a spin or 10! Screw History EDF is official! Pay Attention IAmEDF IAmEDF BandCamp Facebook ReverbNation Myspace Amalgam Digital

#RealNiggaShit!: Kenlo Key - What Is Chicago?

GOTDAMN Kenlo Key went the fuck off on this joint! Using  Nas’   “Poppa Was Playa”   instrumental for the first leak off his forthcoming mixtape  Sleeping Giant Project, you can only imagine what he has in store for the world. Any person "claiming" to love their city needs to vibe to this immediately! What is Chicago Stay tuned for more IntaVention and Kenlo Key soon!

Only4TheReal Exclusive!: Ayo! - Cut The Check

A little something Ayo! and I cooked up. Yeah it's a big deal. A preview of what you can expect on his upcoming Audio odyssey "So. Be. It." due out 12-28-10. Be on the lookout for the listening party and more from Ayo! Know this joint is #Only4TheReal! Cut The Check It's a MUST, you WAKE UP! www.ayodejisopayme.blogspot. com

Fuck Nigga Weekly - Val Kilmer, Gov. Pat Quinn

In the new film "Gun" Starring 50 Cent and Val Kilmer, Kilmer plays an Ex-con who has just been released and looking for work. He contacted an old friend (50) for employment and instantly rises in the ranks of 50's street army. 50 and Kilmer's then grew so close, 50 made him second in charge. Kilmer accepted and did everything asked of him by 50. Until the moment came to take down 50. Val Kilmer had to reveal his undercover Donnie Brasco side. He had been released by the state to aid in the capture & conviction of 50. No problem with that. He just doing his job. WRONG! Kilmer's whole plan was to kill 50 once he had the opportunity to do so. 50 shot up a club with rival gun sellers outside and Kilmer's wife was an innocent victim. But instead of Kilmer setting out to complete the mission, he cooperated, only after bitching up & not killing the man he vowed to. Killing is bad. But jail is worse. Val Kilmer you won't win an Oscar for this ro

M.Rex - Enemy of the State (Download Today!)

M.Rex officially returns with this Highly anticipated mixtape.  With the help of Chicago's DJ Twin, this 11 track opus delivers a concise look at his hustler's lifestyle. Be sure to check this out NOW!

Whoa!: IntaVention Overload!

While I was sleeping. Team IntaVention been Werkin! I got 3. Again. 3, brand new joints that need your attention immediately.

Meet Ray Goss!

Look at the picture, Read The Shirt, there you have it. What I have for you is a banger from Mr. Goss featuring Freddie Gibbs!  Ray Goss hails from East STL, Ill. (Fairview Heights) and is headed in the right direction with his music shit. You need to be in tune with it!

Preview stills of Lungz Upcoming Video "My World"

Lungz was out in Detroit putting in work on his new video "My World". This new video directed by N2ition Q Hefna sent the stills through appreciate it! Can't wait for the VIDEO! Sit looks CRAZY! 

Timeless Cinema: Blue Collar

Official!: Chi-n - #Jus4TheClub

Chi-n delivers on exactly what he promised, a BANGER #Jus4TheClub produced by Troy P., Be sure to give it your full attention, this is the best track from Chi-n yet. Don't sleep. #Jus4DaClub Hit him up, let him know how you feeling it! Twitter