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Somebody told me Battle Rap was dead.... I think not

I'm a fan of those old Smack battles when you had to find a person selling the DVD's and hope you didn't buy the same one twice. I remember having favorites and watching all their battles once Youtube hit the streets. By that time battles were beginning to lose the prestige, and all the best battlers turned their Battle Rap cards in for chances at careers (Fail). From time to time I take to Youtube in search of one of may favorite battles and end up spending hours searching old and new battles. The Battle scene has changed. The "Gun talk" "Big Money and Drug" talk  that one dominated the battle scene, is no longer the order of the day. While there is a few prominent Battlers who still use this formula the scene is now dominated by comedic rap and bullshit regulation. Battlers are now longer measured by flow, but by how many "Personals" are injected. You have to atually do homework on niggaz, dig dirt, find names, occupation, kids names, bm names, school history, etc. Not saying this wasn't the case before, battlers always did their homework on one another, no question. But damn, This shit is ridiculous. I enjoy the battles, but they it seems to me they always rewarded the "Nerd" or the weaker emcee. Personals are good, but damn does flow count for anything anymore???
That is another conversation for another day. What I've composed is a couple of my favorite battlers that i've recently come across. I got some good shit for you,
Syah Boy:
Former 108 and Park champion now does Grindtime, URL and some other shit. I saw buddy battle some nigga in a barbershop and demolish him.. A fer years later, he was all over the internet battling anybody they put in front of him. To be honest, every battles I seen him in in my opinion HE WON

Highlight: "I'll give a nigga the 8 like his dimes is skimpy"

E-Ness fucked homeboy up!

T-Rex still out here wrecking niggaz



Just a few. More later



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