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Pavy "Hip Hop Is My Home"

Off his upcoming mixtape "The Book of Pavy" Pavy did his thang! Not only that, he get props for making me pick my brush up and get my shit all the way in order hahaha. #DontSleep! Hip-Hop is my home

F.O.C. - LightWork (Video) Feat. Young Diesel

New F.O.C. they werking real hard over there. Don't sleep! You can get this one on Giftz upcoming solo debut " F.O.C. Presents The Lake Effect ". 

{Video} R.O.E. & The Soulvillians performance on Audio Tree Live

Rising Over Envy sent this Bangin ass video of their live performance video with The Soulvillians on Audio Tree Live. This is the lead single "I won" the full 4 minute set is available below If you've never heard of Rising Over Envy, now you have. This shit is off the chain! R.O.E. [Rising Over Envy] : Audiotree Live : Complete from Audiotree Live on Vimeo . Please don't sleep! You gotta see this shit. Twitter  FB Youtube R.O.E. [Rising Over Envy] - I Won : Audiotree Live from Audiotree Live on Vimeo .

Focus: Company Men (Movie Pick of the week)

Let's just say this is not a MUST SEE MOVIE. If your a movie head and need something to see that is better than the most the shit on TV. Look no further "The Company Men" follows the journey of Three different men (Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper,and Tommy Lee Jones) and the fall all three emn took when the economy changed. All men white collar employees climbing the corporate ladder Affleck the lowest, Cooper in middle management, Jones upper level and their lives after during and after the lost of employment. Its hard to not tell you the movie, because the plot is so good. The three men all handle the uncertainty different ways and it makes for a very entertaining movie. On second thought, you might wanna check this out ASAP  Hahaha  Check it out via Starz streamin, or Netflix Dvd. Otherwise get it how you get it!

Dave Raps - #DaveDaze Recap

Yeah I'm slipping. But this shit is still hitting. Dave Raps is surely showing the world this ain't a game! Stay tuned, #DaveDaze is heating up!   Dave Raps - Free Time #DAVEDAZE Day 2 by DAVE_DAZE   Dave Raps - The Huxtables by DAVE_DAZE   #DontSleep

So Hood - Gucci/Louie {MIxtape}

So Hood drops their latest release " Gucci/Louie ". Go ahead & check it out.  Streaming/Download Link

Maserati Deeder - Alley Ball

Maserati Deeder speaking the truth about these violent Chicago streets with his dedication to Chicago-area teen and Basketball player Ryan Royall who was gunned down after a party. #DontSleep

Dom Kennedy ft. Curren$y - Hennessy Beach

Smooth music. Dom & Curren$y got a hit with this one. Hennessy Beach

Dave Raps - Cognac Shades #DaveDaze

Dave Raps back on his shit. The first of his 30 in 30 day drops called #DaveDaze  he went nuts. Cognac Shades that shit! Cognac Shades Don't Sleep!

F.O.C. - Bitch We Dealin' (Remix) Feat. Spark Dawg

This shit HARD. This brand new F.O.C. featuring Spark Dawg is the remix to "Bitch We Dealin" and the world need not to sleep on this shit! Spark Dawg been working with a couple artist from Chicago, he official. ( Young Tez feat. Spark Dawg ) Bitch We Serving Remix Don't Sleep!

Michael Jordan Wins Bets with Fans

Jordan was in attendance at the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament in Tahoe, when a fan tempted him to bet that $, he won't he the green on Par 3. The man and his group all bet putting the money on the bench, and Jordan preceded to hit the green and win the bread. Why would you even bet this dude? 

Good Vocation - Frank Si[Not]ra

Smooth ass hip-hop. Introducing Good Vocation a young group repping The DreamChaserz/Intavention brand. They are prepping for a 7-25-11 release date for their debut project " The Diary of Everlasting Dream " and drop this Blac Sol produced single to let the world know, they have arrived. Do yourself a favor and #DontSleep! Frank Sinotra

Focus: All Good Things (Movie Pick of the Week)

Back to putting the world on the best movies you never heard of. The pick this week is entitled " All Good Things " starring Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst. Based on a true story, the movie sheds light on the disappearance and life of Katie Marks  t he wife of David Marks  a Real Estate moguls son who was suspected of killing her after her mysterious disappearance. The films title is actually named after a health food store the couple actually opened. Watch as David (Gosling) goes from charming into nuts, then tries to cover his tracks by crossing and killing everybody who helps or knows about his actions. Must see if you have Netflix , otherwise get in tune how you get in tune!

Young Diesel X Jibbz X E-Bone Hoodrich - Cash N' Out(Prod BY Chase N Dough)

Chase N Dough stay on his shit. This time he sent some of his production work through, Young Diesel, Jibbs, E-Bone HoodRich, link up and go in on this shit. Everybody out there looking for a sound don't sleep on Chase N Dough!

September 6th - Taste Of Chicago

September 6th drops his long awaited project " Taste of Chicago " presented by MyBSideBlog BSideRadio Soon as you turn this shit on you should feel like just riding and playing, smooth ass music.The production on this joint is INSANE! Don't Sleep! Remember who put you on.

Legit - Coloring Outside The Lines (Mixtape)

Legit FINALLY drops his highly anticipated " Coloring Outside The Lines " mixtape. After of year of promo and leaks its here. Let me be the first to tell you, it was well worth the wait.  Don't Sleep! Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Provided by

Esohel "Essential" Album Now Available

Esohel dropped his highly anticipated album "Essential" which features some of Chicago's hottest artist and upcoming talents. Esohel blesses the world with this FREE download but you can still support the homey by purchasing the Album that will include album art and stickers.Do Not SLEEP!

Dre Chi - Swisher Dream

Dre Chi tapped into his inner Drake on his latest single "Swisher Dream". Good shit. #DontSleep Swisher Dream

Dave Raps - Silent Money

Dave Raps gearing up for his 30 in 30 run of material called #DaveDaze. A mix of a lot shit #DontSleep! 

F.O.C. ft YP - Circle of Death

F.O.C. & YP cooked up some big shit. This is off the upcoming   F.O.C. Presents The Lake Effect , the solo debut of Young Giftz is coming soon. Circle of Death

Summer Time in The City hosted by Lou Skannon & Tre Points

This the summertime in the city mixtape Tre Points & Lou Skannon hosted. Some bangers on this one.

Trinity - See Me (Video)

Trinity comes with her latest visual for "See Me " directed by Neva Ever. Real smooth shit. Don't Sleep!

Common ft Nas - Ghetto Dreams

This that SHIT! Common and Nas what could go wrong? Don't Sleep! Ghetto Dreams

Mz. Nikki B - Complete Adjustment EP

Tha IntaVention singer/songwriter Mz. Nikki B releases her debut project, the  Complete Adjustment  EP, and for all you R&B fans this is something you need to check out. Don't Sleep!

Lil Durk - Im a Hitta

DGainz sure can pick em. Seems like every artist he aligns himself with go hard. Lil Durk is no exception, this is his unofficial video for his single "Im a Hitta" and real talk, i'm embarrassed to say I was sleep this long. Don't make the same mistake Download "Im a Hitta" after the jump

LA Van Gogh - Elevators

I must say, I slept on buddy. Even after hearing "When Boredom Strikes" by Legit I continued to snooze. It wasn't until I received an email containing a few tracks by LA Van Gogh did I actually realize just how good this dude is. Today I will release his version of "Elevators", the Oukast classic. Give him a second of your time, its worth it! Elevators Don't sleep hopefully much more from LA Van Gogh

F.O.C.- Come N Find Me

These F.O.C. niggaz working! Take notice the last couple weeks they've been steady hitting us consistently with heat, this one is no exception. Don't Sleep! Come N Find Me

D.Son - #SummerTimeCHI

Wild Shit You See on Facebook

Another day, more wild ass shit on Facebook. Today I came across a crazy ass page, full of bussas and their resumes of dick doing. Add this page at your own risk, it's just more of the wild shit you will see on FB. More after the jump

Str8 Slammin' Click The Slamumentary Trailer

Freddie Gibbs releases a trailer for his "Slamumentary". 30 seconds in, check out LB and Ayo! chilling at the Phli in-store a few months back, when Gibbs announced his signing to CTE. Check it out!

Twerkin' To: DGainz - "Canon Camera Shawty"

She working that shit! Checkout DGainz latest and stay tuned to that DG movement!