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King Samson & Lil Jay #00 | Only4TheReal Interview

King Samson and Lil Jay #00 in the same interview. Shit just realer than real. They talked about everything you wanna know about. All you gotta do is press play an d learn more about to of Chicago's hottest up and comers.  #DontSleep

Episode 1: "The Listening Party" | Real T@lk presents..."Memoirs Of A Modern-Day Griot"

Inspiration/Meaning :  A  griot  (pronounced  gree-oh or gree-ot ) is a   West African  travelling historian, storyteller, praise singer, poet and/or musician. The griot is a keeper of  oral tradition . Real T@lk identifies as a griot; not only is he an artist, but he's African-American. Most African-Americans are descendants of slaves that were originally taken from West Africa, hence... " Memoirs Of A Modern-Day Griot ". This is the first episode of an ongoing documentary that gives a glimpse of a modern-day griot's journey and the individuals that he or she may encounter along the way. Enjoy! #DontSleep

King Blak & 40Boi - We Bogus (Video)

King Blak and 40Boi put the Bogus-Bogus spin on Lil Mister's "No Lackin" with their version "We Bogus". Shot and chopped by @EDilla. Be on the lookout for a whole lot more from these two. #DontSleep

Spud Cotton ft Ray Illa - Pick & Roll (Video)

Spud and Ray Illa bring life to their track "Pick & Roll" courtesy of Seuss Leroy. Off Spud's latest DJ Audio Kush hosted "Pay Attention" project. Tell em who put you on first. #DontSleep

Trin | NIKE

Trin and Don Productions cook up the first drop off her upcoming project "Trin for the Muthaf#kin Win" due out a little later this year. Press play and listen to Trin rip this beat apart. #DontSleep

J.G. & Bam Bandz - Real Niggas (Video)

J.G. and Bam Bandz drop something for "Real Niggaz" out there. Auto tune heavy but this shit super catchy. LB Rocking with it. Give it a listen. Visual shot and chopped by Bizzy of Flash Mob Films #DontSleep

Money Mitch - The Corner (Video)

Money Mitch and FilthyDreams productions deliver a smacking ass visual for this smooth ass shit entitled "The Corner". Money got bars. Ya'll niggaz know the rest of the procedure  #DontSleep

Jay2 'The KiDD Classic' - While Thinking (Video)

Damn DG's latest venture is his Distinguished Gorillaz Records imprint and its first artist is Jay2 'the KiDD Classic'. They deliver a memorable first visual with "While Smoking" produced by @BreezyTymes and this is  the epitome of "Roll up" music. All you gotta do now is #DontSleep

J Bake feat. Justin Irok - Who wanna have fun (Video)

J Bake and Justin Irok drop a visual to their single "Who Wanna Have Fun".  #DontSleep

Chris Crack - Loud

Chris Crack keeps it coming with his latest single "Loud" produced by DJ Weezy. I'm fucking with it, you should too. #DontSleep

Billionare Gino - Im On Dat (Video)

Billionaire Gino and Sose The Giant link for a visual to the single "Im On Dat". Salute to my homey bussing moves out here. #DontSleep

S.Dot | Only4TheReal Interview (2013)

S.Dot sat down and discussed everything with O4TR like everybody else does. He talked about a lot of things a lot of people might want to pay attention because S.Dot has plans for the top, so get in tune and #DontSleep

485 - Get This Money (Video)

485 linked with @RangeRoverRio for a visual to their single "Get This Money" off their upcoming "DoWop Gang" mixtape. This shit heat! Now get you some money and #DontSleep 

L'A Capone - Murder (Video)

L'A Capone drops a visual for his single "Murder" shot and chopped by @GBoy_. Don't get murdered and always remember #DontSleep

Martin Luther King Jr.'s lasting legacy

Please Include Attribution to With This Graphic In honor of Dr. King's Day (In Service) I have a graphic timeline submitted by Allison Morris who also helped create it, of Dr. King's life and accomplishment. Take a look, you might be surprised by what you don't know. Original Source: #DontSleep

The Tale of Two Smiths by @WeekendGabe

The Tale of Two Smiths By Vocalo Senior Hip Hop Correspondent Gabriel Mendoza (@weekendgabe) A new year brings new change and as the latest NFL Black Monday came and went, a total of 12 Coaches and General Managers found themselves standing when the music stopped. Necessary change, some might say, as all the teams including my Chicago Bears underachieved and failed to live up to lofty sized expectations.  Something had to give. Lovie Lee Smith spent 9 years as the Chicago Bears head coach before being dismissed on Black Monday, and had some huge successes and memorable let downs. When analyzing Lovie’s coaching career here in Chicago, I couldn’t help but think of LL Cool J, James Todd Smith, who is as synonymous with the Def Jam logo as, Rick and Russell. No other coach since Mike Ditka was as likeable and respected than Lovie, and no artist on the Def Jam roster has really developed the Grammy hosting iconic status as LL has. Both sports and the record business ope

Weekend Wrap Up Mix Show: Real Rap Is Back

What a show we have this week! Embassy Music Group's Aye Burks joins us to talk about his latest album, Meet The Press. New Weekend Wrap Up contributors Pat Loboyko from G-Mart Comics, and Time Out Chicago's DL Hopkins gives us new Comics and new events around the city you need to check out. Compton's living legend Mc Eiht joins us to talk about the new EP, Keep it Hood, working on Menance II Society and almost joining Snoop on No Limit! Give us a listen and tell a friend! Weekend Wrap Up Mix Show: Real Rap is Back by Weekend Wrap Up Mix Show on Mixcloud

New Era ® x Real T@lk

New Era hosted Real T@lk 's November release party at their flagship store downtown. He released a quick commercial for the New Era Brand exclusively for the people. #DontSleep

EC & Meek Pose Present: Audio Architecture

EC dropped off his video "Destiny" a couple months ago and this week EC drops off his Album "Audio Architecture" Real N*gga music #FuckNiggaFree 100% O4TR approved so hit the download link below and get in tune with "Audio Architecture" EC & MEEK PRESENTS: AUDIO ARCHITECTURE

FamousAmazin - Wetter

FamousAmazin leaks a teaser off his upcoming project "The Black Brad Pitt Movie", borrowing Twista's "Wetter" he gives his own rendition. All the ladies make some noise. #DontSleep

Neak Live @ Subterranean 1/15/13

Neak and R.O.E. killed the stage the other night at Sub-T and @APJFilms was there to catch it all. My advice to you as usual #Dontsleep

Rockie Fresh "Electric Highway" Interview

The Elite Money Empire (@EMETakeover) Presents to you: The Exclusive Rockie Fresh (@RockieFresh) "Electric Highway" Interview. We caught up with Rockie to speak about his newest mixtape, his thoughts on the deaths by murder in Chicago and how he did not write lyrics for this project. He also spoke about how 90's artists inspire him since he could not listen to Rap when he was younger,  the fashion movements in Hip-Hop with A$AP Rockie and Trinidad James, and how the 80's influence him. #DontSleep

Music Tuesday Week 9: Focus

BlackRebel MusicClub keeps it coming with week 9 of their weekly series. This week's entry is entitled "Focus", and I recommend you watch the visual and download the single for your own personal collection. Good music. #DontSleep

Onis - Water

Onis dropped of his newest joint "Water" and this shit is heat. Fresh off his last release "Time Is Now" he is gearing up for another one "H2O". If this is any indication of what's to come, you already know the code #DontSleep

King Deon | TakeOff (Video)

King Deon is gearing up for "Hard Times and Dollar Signs" his debut project and has a gift for you today. His video "TakeOff" produced by the homey OJ Beats along with a DL link so you can enjoy the music even when your not watching the visual. HTDS will be here sooner than you think. #DontSleep

ERA - The Dream Act (Mixtape)

ERA (Every Rappers Antagonist) sent his debut project "The Dream Act" through for us to post. At first I was preparing to hit delete. Not Chicago and I've never heard of him. Something made me press play. And I'm glad I did. I am qualified to tell you to listen. While i'm typing this, I'm listening to this project for the 3rd time. Those who enjoy story telling, without the violence and drug tales, look no further. ERA keeps it soulful and lyrical (my favorite mixture) and very entertaining. ATL got another one, all thats left for you to do is #DontSleep

Cadillac Duke - "Caddy Duke"

Cadillac Duke dropped off his latest and most creative submission "Caddy Duke". This shit is just different, but not garbage by any means. All I'm telling you is, you should listen. #DontSleep Chill wit Caddy Duke

ManMan Bandz - Brogod

ManMan Bandz gives his definition of what a "BroGod" is and every real nigga out there using the term can feel him. Brogod - A person who shows unconditional support no matter what.  Now check the heat and out and #DontSleep

DOT - Everybody's Cheatin (Video)

This is REAL NIGGA SHIT. Dot dropped off his latest song and visual "Everybody's Cheatin" directed by Ahzee of Majority Rule. This shit captures a lot of are real life's. Others keep living in denial. Everybody Cheatin #DontSleep

Topiq & JSWISS - "Just Me And You" (Video)

Topiq and JSwiss link up for a cool & soulful visual for the track "Just me and You" produced AltAir. Lyrical and soulful. Coolin music #DontSleep

Tha IntaVention: #Code2 (Presented by DJ D.Jones)

Chicago DJ and long time IntaVention supporter, D. Jones links with Tha IntaVention to give us CODE 2: Tha IntaVention Mix. With 7 of the 11 featured songs being exclusive D. Jones mixes, the compilation is 30 minutes of straight heat from Jones and Tha IntaVention camp. Appearances include A-Way, Joe's DINER, Bert Kenerson, Jamal Mar and Kos Kudos of Good Vovcation, Tragedy tha Beast and September 6th of Tha IntaVention and a guest appearance from Loretta Mars.  #DontSleep djdjonesdotcom/intavention- mix-code-2

Official - Official (Who Am I)

Official dropped of his new logo and track for the masses. Start your week off right with some HSM exclusive shit and aye  #DontSleep

Bubble Eye - F.A.B Life vlog 1

Check out the first episode to "F.A.B. Life" from Bubble Eye. This video was shot by Get2ThePoint TV and it captures footage from Bubble Eye's performance from Sub T event where he opened up for Chicago's Own GLC. He performs his new tracks "Hey Hey Hey" produced by Jonny Yayo, Kill'em and his latest Single "She Doing That" also produced by Jonny Yayo. Follow him on Twitter @_Bubbleeye. He is currently Finishing up the #ROLLUP mixtape hosted by DJ Honorz so be on the look out for that as well. #DontSleep

WOGZ - Hear No Evil (Video)

Wogz and APJ Films link up and create a unique visual for the single "Hear N Evil" produced by 42 Keez. Check it out! #DontSleep

Vocalo's Weekend Wrap Up Mix Show discusses Nas' Legacy

Hosted by Gabe Mendoza and Vivian Mikhail CNN's Eliott McLaughlin made huge waves this week when he wrote that Nas was the best lyricist of all time. Gabe and Vivian talk about the article and its accuracy and discuss Nas' legacy and storied career. Justin Timberlake also sent the twittersphere in to a craze when he announced he was returning to music with Timberland. The Weekend crew debate whether returning was the best move for JT and also talk about bitter sibling rivalries when a game control stick brings out the worst in us. This and more!

The Galaxy ft FamousAmazin & T.O. Da Prezident - Real smokers dont choke

GMU's (Get Money University) The Galaxy and FamousAmazin link with So Hood Gangs T.O. Da Prezident for a smokers anthem "Real Smokers Don't Choke". You need to press play and flame up. Don't Choke and  #DontSleep

Seven feat. Edai - Fucked His Bitch

Seven and Edai team up to demolish this Ricco On The Beat produced banger. "Fucked His Bitch" is one of those songs you just gotta bang. Both Seven and Edai went nuts and Ricco killed the beat. Press Play and #DontSleep

@liljeffsoinsane x @ImmTragic Hardbody (Video)

Lil Jeff So Insane and ImmTragic link with OneTrey_TheReal for the visual for "HardBody". Produced by Trey Billz this shit is so insane. Turn up music #DontSleep

Fatzmack - What To Do (Video)

Fatzmack dropped his latest "What To Do" produced by Guddah Girl. This that Fatzmack everybody can feel. Good visual, better song. The beat nuts. #DontSleep

Prince Skooda & Tae Banz - Juggs (Video)

Prince Skooda and Tae Banz demolish this Smylez produced single "Juggs". They enlist Suess Leroy to take over the directing and yes this shit is smacking. Press play, Wild 100's shit. all that's left to do is #DontSleep

Don Perrion - Latrobe

Don Perrion sent this Real Nigga Rap produced by Billionaire Boyscout entitled "Latrobe". Give it a listen 

LB ft. Spud Cotton - Step Away (Video)

LB and Spud Cotton bring life to their single "Step Away" with this Seuss Leroy visual. #DontSleep

Wheatie - Doubt Me

Wheatie flows so smoothly over this Chase N Dough produced "Doubt Me". Some reall chill, riding x smoking music. Give it a close listen, you gon feel it! #DontSleep 

Trin - Miracle in Chicago (Video)

Trin and APJ Films finally drop the visual to the Gaggie produced track "Miracle In Chicago". Peep Rwogz doing her thing on the violin all up in the video. Cool shit! #DontSleep

Tink Feat. Seven - Hate On Me

    Tink and Seven address all the hate they recieve their respective ways on this Ynd Ziggy & Ricco On The Beat produced single "Hate On Me". Off her "Blunts and Ballads" mixtape, sounds like she got a lot to get off her chest.   #DontSleep " width=100% height=24 scrolling="no" frameborder=0 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0>   

Tragedy Tha Beast - Audio Combat (Video)

Tragedy Tha Beast and TellAVision come with a gritty and tough visual for his single "Audio Combat" off his recently dropped "Back on Bullshit" produced entirely by Onaje Jordan. Director credits go to CTG of 9to5 Music this shit right here nigga! #DontSleep

CTG - Riot Season (Coming Soon)

A quick message from CTG 9TO5 MUSIC GROUP PRESENTS Chicago's very own CTG Releases the official Cover art for his up coming release titled "Riot Season." Hosted By Dizzle Da Don. This will be CTG's first tape of the year which features production from such producers as Genius Picaso & RMB Justize. As well as features from his 9TO5MG crew & close affiliates such as Adam Hosey & Gilla Six. Riot Season is slates to be released January 28th so stay tuned as CTG prepare to come in the door shaking things up a bit. stay tuned into  for more music updates & news.

Weekend Wrap Up Mix Show with The Red Eye's Tracy Swartz

 Gabe ( @WeekendGabe ) and Vivian ( @Viv_Status ) return for the new year with The weekend Wrap Up show. This weeks guest include Red Eye's the Homicide Blotter Tracey Schwartz, and she speaks about how the Red Eye counts murders. Topics include changes by the CTA, Kanye's fatherhood, and the firing of Lovie Smith. Good listen.  #DontSleep Weekend Wrap Up Mix Show with Chicago Red Eye's Tracy Swartz by Weekend Wrap Up Mix Show on Mixcloud

Chella H - Kiss My Ass (Video)

Chella Re-Releases her incredible visual "Kiss My Ass". You may have seen it before, Watch it again! What nigga don't love Chella? #DontSleep

Tree – Tree Featuring The City (Mixtape)

Tree is really the most polished and unique artist from Chicago. And even with all the national attention he receives he found time to work with all his favorite counterparts from Chicago.While you won't love every track (I Don't) you can really see what makes Tree so special. Download now. I bet you enjoy it #Dontsleep Download Now

Real T@lk feat. Dave Coresh - "Keep Going"

Real T@lk and Dave Coresh add a visual aid to one of my favorite tracks off the " Talented Tenth 8.0 " project he recently released. Produced by Authentic Made and directed by @E_Seals Real T@lk always deliver the truth.  #DontSleep

Keythegreight ft King L - I Don't Luv Her

Keythegreight and King Louie link for some of that shit! "I Don't Luv Her" is off that "Lottin Chasin" due out real soon. Keythegreight  grinding and real niggaz gotta respect he everywhere like dog shit. #DontSleep

Chase N Dough x Lezy "Orchestra"

Chase N Dough teams with Lezy and handles the production of their newest single "Orchestra". Radio ready music. No drills just boss shit  #DontSleep Orchestra

Add-2 - The Eulogy (prod by J-Rell)

Damn Add-2 started they year strong with this shit! He went nuts and kept it so muhfuggin soulful! With J.Rell handling the production Add eulogizes wack emcees and does this effortlessly. "Like Bart Simpson in detention the writings on the wall." The Eulogy #DontSleep

Sincerely Yours ft. Neak and Slot-A - Truly Understand Me"

Some New Year heat from Sincerely Yours, Neak and Slot A with this single "Understand Me". Get you through your day music Understand Me #DontSleep

Chris Crack - No Molly

Chris Crack goes against the norm with his latest single "No Molly". Everybody is encouraging the use of the popular drug, but Chris Crack feels different. And so do I. If you pop Molly's I ain't preaching to you to stop, but damn stop promoting the shit like its something the world need to be involved with. No Molly's for O4TR or The New Deal Crew. #DontSleep

Lucci Vuitton ft Youngsta The 80s Baby - ET

New shit from Lucci Vuitton "Extra-Terrestrial" ft Youngsta "The 80s Baby" so gone head, press play and  #DontSleep

Tragedy Tha Beast - Behind The Scenes Of Audio Combat Video

Tragedy Tha Beast and CTG show you a glimpse of the the behind the scenes work they put in. "Audio Combat" the visual soon directed and edited by TellAVision. Get the " Back on Bullshit EP " Here too #DontSleep

Kay-o - "War" (Video)

Kay-O & Trillavision films link on this "War" visual. Produced by Smylez this shit slam, and the visual smacking. Listen  #DontSleep

Buck 20 Brick Boyz (F.Dot) - No Feelings Pt.1

My homey my muhfuggin homey F.Dot back on his shit. Linking up with Yung Da Copo on the visual for his latest release "No Feelings Pt 1" produced by Vybe. It's good to see the big guy home busting moves like he supposed too. He should be the hottest nigga in it in my opinion. Let's see what happens #DontSleep

Ace White - Whatevers Good

Ace White "Whatever's Good" and this shit decent. Up and coming young nigga, give him a listen.  #DontSleep

Kenben - Finna Go

KenBen started the year off right with his Triple B produced single "Finna Go". KenBen gon put it in overdrive and let the world now ast Rogers Park is coming. Take a listen #DontSleep Finna Go

Qwestions - Humble Pie

Qwestions drops "Humble Pie" single and we all can take a bit of knowledge from this one. Real thinking music.