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Kenlo Key Ft. Rockboy K9 & Red Button - All I Can Be

Kenlo Key, Rockboy K9 and Red Button link up for some thinking mans music. "All I Can Be" is powerful music you need to be in tune with. My suggestion to you is press play and #DontSleep

Official - Who Am I [Video]

Official dropped off his 'Who Am I" visual and some overs. But this shit so hot it need your undivided attention. Before you continue doing anything else today, press play and listen and watch. I'm telling you now #DontSleep

Don Perrion - Latrobe (Video)

Don Perrion finally released the visual for "Latrobe" and just as expected this shit HEAT. #DontSleep

JSWISS ft. Topiq - Rock Steady

JSwiss came with his first drop off his "Awthenticity" LP due out May 14. "Rock Steady" features Topiq and one funky ass beat. Its so muhfuggin SOULFUL man! #DontSleep Rock Steady (Maxi Single) by JSWISS Bonus: Learn more about JSWISS by watching this piece on him produced by emerging Journalist Brittany Hendricks for Eric Gold Productions

Dave Raps ft. Mr. Trafficante - Bank Note

Dave Raps blesses us with another banger featuring Miami's Mr. Trafficante entitled "Bank Note". Jacking Asap Ferg's "Choppers on Deck" this a perfect way to start your morning. Some smooth ass Dave Raps. Be on the lookout for his "In The Valley" project due out late next month. #DontSleep

Sasha Go Hard - Blow My Mind

Sasha spitting them barz and DJ Kenn bringing the visual  to life SGH X AON Films  #DontSleep

Big Cheeze | I Kno (Video)

Big Cheeze dropped off a banger entitled "I Kno" for your viewing pleasure. I'm telling you now,  Press Play and #DontSleep

Roger Messi - Spells

Very different. Very entertaining. I love the fucking beat. Roger Messi sent his "Spells" single through for your enjoyment and i'm sure all will enjoy this.  #DontSleep

Draztik - Potpourri (Video)

Draztik dropped his latest song and video "Potpourri" last week and we may be late, but its worth the wait. Get yo shit Potpurri. Catchy shit so catch up with it. #DontSleep

Tizie - Heaven High (Video)

Tizie and Sose' The Giant link up for "Heaven High" the video. #DontSleep

M.Rex - I Done Seen

Paulie Cicero is coming. Here's another indication, the second single "I Done Seen"produced by Blue Beats another one of them Rex trap bangers. I can tell its getting warm, Rex always got some summertime music! #DontSleep

Bmac (FlinBoyz) - Trust in You (Video)

Bmac of the Flin Boyz and Sose' The Giant worked on this one a while back called "Trust in You". Song and video both hard. Now all you gotta do is #DontSleep

Phenom | Growing Up (Video)

Phenom and APJ Films put together a god fucking visual for "Growing Up". Everybody no matter sex, age or race should stop and press play #Dontsleep

RIP Josh Modaressi 1980 - 2012

Josh Modaressi passed away December 30th, 2012. I last spoke with him December 11th. If you ever heard O4TR Radio Josh was the funny sounding white guy that always chimed in at the perfect time. On Air he was always there to save our show from dead air, lending advice and his personality to add a whole other dimension to the show. When he got sick I never imagined not seeing him again. Danny Brown assumed Josh's engineering duties and the show went on. As far as technical work Danny was way better than Josh. The station was cleaner, Danny added some new features to the booth that made our lives way easier. Even with the update to the studio and offices Slam Internet Radio was not the same without Josh. He called me a few weeks before he died and asked when I would return to the air. I told him my circumstances but I promised him if he showed up that Sunday I'd do my show and bring him Harold's from the Southside. We laughed about it. I text him a few days later infor

Dev - D-One

Dev is another up and coming artist that caught my ears (and email). He jacked Wiz Khalifa's "Nameless" beat and put his own spin to it. Smooth and effective. Listen and hear what I heard. And remember #DontSleep

Chella H ft Lil Durk - High

Chella fine ass done hopped on the trsck with OTF's own Lil Durk and made something all can enjoy. Produced by Zaytoven "High" is another one of them songs you instantly add to your IPhone or IPod. #DontSleep

Pavy - Lord Jesus (Video)

Pavy and TPJ link for something waaaay different "Lord Jesus". This is the 4th visual off "Theory of Defiance" and after this joint you have to ask yourself, what's next. #DontSleep

Only4TheReal | King Louie (Interview)

King Louie gave us a minute of his time and shared some knowledge, real shit and funny shit all in this 4 minute interview. Watch and learn #DontSleep

Hood Gallardo - Its A Crazy World (Dedication To Jonylah Watkins)

Hood Gallardo dedicated this song to Jonylah Watkins. Good song, better message  He throwing knowledge young niggaz need to catch it. #DontSleep

Dave Raps - Prime Ribs vol.1 (Mixtape)

A best of the best of Dave Raps. I suggest anybody who ain't up on Mr. Raps listen close. Although he doesnt' have all my personal favorites (H.Y.P.E., In The Morning, The Whole Dave Ruffin EP etc) this shit is still a must have.  3 new unreleased joints and enough Dave for you to catch up on what you been missing. Don't forget who plugged you. #DontSleep Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

Kain ft Vic Spencer - Martial Law

Kain and Vic Spencer link up with Antydote on the track for a special track entitled "Martial Law" Chicago listen up #DontSleep

Flinboyz ft. Thirst Al - Pop Pills N Chill (Video)

FlinBoyz and Thirst Al recruit FlyTy773 for the visual to the single "Pop Pills and Chill". Turn up music. You know the rest #DontSleep

Mz.Taty - The Truth (Video)

This is a very positive and entertaining song adn visual. Mz. Taty hits the world with "The Truth" directed by Monz The Talk watch something positive and then apply it to your everyday life. Real shit #DontSleep

Lupe Fiasco - Jonylah Forever

I try to refrain from speaking on the violence that plagues our communities because nothing will change. I say that because in Chicago thing;s have been the same for a while. Things might slow up for a second but believe their will be more shootings, more killings and more innocent victims dying. Lupe took some time out to remember the latest victim of Chicago's never ending war on violence. #DontSleep

Boss Ace Ft. No Good Loso - Grind Time (video)

Boss Ace and No Good Loso link for a video for their track "Grind Time". I'm currently fucking with this track heavy. Listen and tell me what you think. No Good Loso turned up hard. #DontSleep

Nut & Pat Da Mack - Rotation (Video)

Nut and Pat Da Mack rotate with Yung Da Copo for a visual to their single "Rotation".  #DontSleep

Frank Ramz - Bad To The Bone (Video)

Fresh, New, HOT SHIT for the people from Frank Ramz. 'Bad To The Bone" is the visual I have for you all today and it is down right entertaining. Track produced by Qu'ality and directed by Ramz himself. If it's here, there is a reason. See why  #DontSleep

Chella H - Slipped (Video)

Wooooooooow #DontSleep

Chris Crack - Kitchen In The Bassment

Chris Crack dropped Sophomore effort "Kitchen In The Bassment" that includes my favorite "No Molly". He is slept on for sure. Make sure you ain't the last one to find out about the New Deal Crew Representative . #DontSleep Kitchen in the Bassment by Chris Crack

D Menz - Life 3D

CME (Champion Music Entertainment) presents D Menz - Life 3D Hosted by DJ Reese. He dropped last week but just released it digitally for the internet folk. D Menz a real spitta. Check out his debut project and tell us how you feeling it. #DontSleep

International Maverick - Black Diamonds

International Maverick performed and produced this smooth ass joint "Black Diamonds". I'm rotating with this one heavy. You should too. #DontSleep

Tony Stanza - "BlaXphemy"

Tony Stanza blesses the world with his latest drop "BlaXphemy". This ain't your everyday ignorance. Enlighten yourself by listening. #DontSleep Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

Dave Raps - Seizure (Video)

Damn, I know every time I write about the latest Dave Raps shit I've heard/seen I tell you this guy took it to another level. Yet again Mr. Raps has outdone himself. This shit right here. EPIC. #DontSleep