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Today 11/11/14 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Interesting Thing

Damn Bill Cosby set himself up for unmentionable slander! Maybe you have or haven't heard about all the sexual abuse allegations from Mr. Cosby, but he still acts as if it never happened. The other day he thought it would be a bright idea to have a #CosbyMeme generator and people sure voiced their opinion's on the Comedic legend

Full Link Here

Song of the day

Gang signs goin up. get ya tooly! Tree is the sound of 'Tuesday' sponsored by ILoveMakonnen's smash.

Pissed Bundy off the most

Earlier today Bundy was reading the stats to While we aren't doing bad, we could do so much better. He began assessing how he could gain free promo, he then started to think about how many people he knew personally that are actual readers of his fine website. Bundy wasn't angered, he saw light. Later on in the day he interviewed SGBatman for #O4TRRadio and he brought along a few homeys. While bundy was spinning the SGBatman, he noticed that Batman's cohorts knew every exact word of his music. Talk about support. There are plenty of people that can call on Bundy for a favor, not many that can take the time to support one of the only things in the world Bundy gives a fuck about.Such is life. Won't stay mad about it, but it did piss Bundy off.

Word to the Wise

I'm tryna view rhe bigger picture. But what are you to do when your cinema's much better?

Until we meet again (Tomorrow)



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