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Today 11/12/14 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Interesting Thing

Bundy will combine the most interesting thing & Pissed Bundy off the Most. Read an article earlier on and they discussed the CTA's crackdown on abuse of reduced rider cards and elder free ride cards. Understood, nothing wrong with that. But what's the reason? They suspect they lose about one hundred Million dollars in 'free' rides. Off the top Bundy has no idea what the CTA profits in rides, but he's pretty sure that's chump change. In addition to confiscating the card the CTA reserves the right to press charges on you for using a bus card that wasn't issued to you. A little too far. Although they offer a way for you to redeem your confiscated card with a letter, it's still extreme for a 'STOLEN' bus ride. Circumstances besides the ones laid out in this article cause people to share their cards. Granted, if your using your benefit to profit to do your thingy thing you wrong. But what about the young Woman/Man that has to borrow Granny's bus card to get to and from school because times are hard at home? Or the individual who is just starting school or work so they must use someone's bus card until they land on their feet? A big problem in the world we live in today is we all lack humanity. Money is the driving force behind all decisions and everybody even the agencies that we fund that are supposed to help us, worry about the bottom line to the detriment of the people they were supposed to serve. Just Bundy Thoughts, Just his thoughts!

Song of the day

SGBatman been the soundtrack for the last few days. Even if you don't ride the five, you gon feel this (unless you roll with Larry). All bullshit aside check him out, and give his entire tape a spin.

Funniest Shit today

Why Tho lmfao! Just take that ass whooping with your pants on

Word to the Wise

Whats the point of cuffin hoes if these bitches bussing? Whats the point of having clout if you ain't got no money?

Until we meet again (Tomorrow)



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