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Today 11/24/14 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Most Important Thing

No charges for Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Mike Brown. America was split on whether charges should be filed and the Grand Jury did NOT find probable cause to file charges against the officer. Missouri's Gov. Jay Nixon urges restraint for those who don't agree with the courts decision. and Bundy seconds that. Look over the evidence, do not let public pressure fuel your decision. It is sad that Mike Brown was gunned down whether justified or not. Inform yourself before you choose form an opinion. It's a cold world. 

Couple LESS interesting things 

Stumbled across this on FB the other day and felt compelled by this. '4 Ways you may be Hurting your Man's feelings and didn't even know it' describes some of the interesting variables in situations and Bundy can vouch most are dead on. Continue the discussion below if you feel

Lil B freestyled in front of a class at M.I.T. the other day. The sheer epicness of The Based God being there is inspirational. He just does his thingy thing. Gotta respect that

Song of the day

Bundy feelin like he made it. Can't nobody fuck with him and he feelin like the greatest! Smut Gang Shit

Made Bundy's Day
Funniest Shit Today

Popped bitches ain't no fun!

Word to the Wise 

Save Coupons. Not hoes!


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